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Editorial Board Members

  • School of Health Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa.
  • Department of Fisheries, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Department of Chemistry, University of Malta, Msida, Malta.
  • Environmental and Bio-Analytical Laboratories, Department of Chemistry, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.
  • School of Physics, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland.
  • Department of Environmental Chemistry, Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Barcelona, Spain.
  • College of Life and Environmental Sciences, Minzu University of China, Beijing, China.
  • The Environmental Chemistry Research Group, School of Exact and Natural Sciences, University Campus of San Pablo, University of Cartagena, Cartagena, Colombia.
  • Department Environmental, Water and Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Environmental Engineering Department, Bursa Technical University, Bursa, Turkey.
  • School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete, Crete, Greece.
  • State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou, China.
  • Department of Environmental Sciences, GC Women University Sialkot, Sialkot, Pakistan.
  • Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Nankai University; Center of Urban Transport Emission Research, Tianjin, China.
  • School of Chemistry and Physics, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa.
  • RECETOX, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.
  • Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.
  • Toxicological Centre, University of Antwerp, Universiteitsplein 1, 2610 Wilrijk, Belgium.
  • Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (QAEHS), The University of Queensland, Woolloongabba, Queensland, Australia.
  • Department of Environmental Engineering, Universidade Estadual Paulista-Unesp, Sorocaba, Brazil.
  • Institute of Environmental and Health Sciences, China Jiliang University, Hangzhou, China.
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China.
  • Man-Technology-Environment (MTM) Research Centre, Örebro University, Örebro, Sweden.
  • School of Environment, Key Laboratory for Yellow River and Huai River Water Environment and Pollution Control, Ministry of Education, Henan Normal University, Xinxiang, China.
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