Welcome to OAE's Conference Organizer Hub — where researchers share findings at academic conferences

Benefits of a Conference Organizer

Knowledge Exchange
Facilitating knowledge exchange by enabling the sharing of ideas and recent advancements within the journal's field of focus.
Author-Editor Interaction
Fostering enhanced relationships by providing a platform for authors and editors to interact.
Enhanced Reputation
Contributing to enhancing the journal's reputation through conferences.
Attracting Submissions
Aiding in attracting high-quality submissions and offering a presentation venue for researchers.

Service Content

Elevate Event Exposure

Maximize event visibility across our website and various marketing channels to broaden audience engagement, elevating awareness and event success.

Create Dynamic Conference Websites

Design visually captivating and seamlessly functional websites to engage and captivate attendees during their browsing experience.


1. Sponsorship Information

If you are interested in the conference, please download the Excel file, fill in the required information, and send it to partners@oaepublish.com for application.

2. Sponsorship Benefits

  • Brand Exposure: Sponsoring allows brands to be prominently featured during the conference. This includes visibility in conference materials, the website, signage, and promotional materials.
  • Speaking Opportunities: Sponsors may be granted the opportunity to deliver speeches or moderate panel discussions during the conference, showcasing their expertise and leadership.
  • Exhibition and Booths: Sponsors can set up booths or designated areas to showcase their products, services, and solutions to conference attendees.
  • Social Media Promotion: Sponsors' participation will be promoted across social media platforms to enhance their visibility and reputation.
  • etc.


If you have any questions about the Cooperation Conference, please email us at partners@oaepublish.com.