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Criteria for Editor

  • Recognition as an authoritative and prominent scholar or academic leader within a specific discipline.
  • Strong commitment to journal work and a sense of responsibility.
  • Spotless academic record and a strong reputation for academic ethics.

Role of an Editor


Driving journal success, maintaining academic excellence, fostering scholarly exchange, and ensuring prominent standing while significantly influencing journal direction and quality, benefiting the research community.

Associate Editor

Overseeing the editorial team, managing publication processes, editing and selecting articles, representing the team in the Editor-in-Chief's absence, communicating with authors and editors, and contributing to strategic planning for publication standards and goals.

Editorial Board Member

Reviewing manuscripts, making peer-review decisions, offering recommendations, inviting contributions, and promoting the journal, ensuring its success and high quality through expertise.

Guest Editors

Guest Editors ensure the quality of Special Issues by overseeing academic rigor, scientific validity, novelty, and the overall direction of articles.

Other Editors

Advisory Editor

Youth Editorial Board Member

Ethics Editor

Media Editor

And more.

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