Who We Are

Brief Introduction

OAE Publishing Inc. (OAE) is an international publishing company focusing on open access academic publishing. Founded in Los Angeles, the USA on March 17, 2015, shareholding by the Mesa Investment Management lnc. It currently operates from three offices, one in Los Angeles, the other two in Beijing and Xi’an, China. After years of hard work, we have developed a platform to display the full-text of articles and an All-In-One manuscript processing system (MESAs) with independent intellectual property rights and excellent user experience. Our philosophy is simple: providing our users with the greatest platform possible, quick article access for readers, easy submission procedure for authors, and efficient manuscripts handling for editors.

As of February 18, 2019, we have brought together 416 distinguished scholars from world-renowned
universities and research institutions, including the Chairman of the Italian EORTC-PAMM organization, Professor Godefridus J. Peters, and the outstanding Chinese young scientist Professor Guang-Wen Cao, We have established 10 international journals (such as Cancer Drug Resistance, and Hepatoma Research,, and published over 1173 articles with 7,541,414 total clicks and 275,669 cumulative downloads. All these journals have provided valuable literature references for the scientific research in related fields, and created powerful impetus for research innovation and development.

OAE will be dedicated to mining and publishing scientific research with unique academic value as always. The high-quality articles, leading technological platform, experienced publishing team and professional services are the foundation of our past success and those strengths will continue to play in the future. Rigorousness and preciseness is our attitude, scientificness and standardization is our norm, and open sharing is our spirit. We are determined to forge a worldwide influential publisher which will vigorously promote the academic publishing and scientific research industry.

OAE Members

  • Min Fan, CEO, is primarily responsible for the strategic plans for publication of OAE Inc..
  • Max Li, publication quality control manager, holds responsibilities in the standardization of publication processes, the management and control of peer-review processes, as well as the implementation of publication ethics, to guarantee the publication of high-quality papers. He has over 4 years of experience in manuscript handling and quality control.
  • Mark Liu, publication supervisor, focuses on the implementation and management of OAE publication strategies.
  • Lijun Jin, manager of Journal Section Three, is mainly responsible for the management work of four journals: Hepatoma Research, Mini-invasive Surgery, Journal of Translational Genetics and Genomics and Plastic and Aesthetic Research. Her responsibilities include supervising the regular publication of each journal, organizing editorial board meetings and promoting journals in relevant academic conferences,etc.
  • Claire Wang, copy editing manager, is responsible for the copy editing and proofreading of peer-reviewed manuscripts accepted for publication. She has been providing copy editing services for over 4 years and has handled over 2000 manuscripts.
  • Kenny Wu, production manager, is responsible for the production of XML and PDF version as well as online publication for copy-edited manuscripts, after final confirmation with authors. He has been in the industry for over 4 years and has produced over 2000 papers.
  • Koyoka Gao, IT manager, is responsible for the management of the IT team, technological update and maintenance of OAE online publication platform. He has served for 3 years with us.
  • Elaine Gao, manager of Journal Section One, is now in charge of the following two journals: Cancer Drug Resistance (ISSN 2578-532X) and Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment (ISSN 2454-2857). She has mainly participated in the development of professional manuscript processing system "MESAs" and has been working in the publication industry for more than 4 years.
  • Margie Ma, manager of Journal Section Two, joined OAE in January 2019. She holds a Master of Physical Geography from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Before joining OAE she had worked as Managing Editor for MDPI for four years, where she was responsible for the strategic development and performance of a newly established journal. During that term, the journal has been indexed by PubMed and Scopus successively within two years. She is now responsible for developing new journal titles for OAE, ensuring the smooth development of journals in her portfolio, and achieving the annual goals. She is also in charge of new staff training, workload monitoring, quality control and schedule efficiency improving, workload and task assigning, performance evaluating, new members recruiting, etc. During the six months, she has developed two new journal titles, which will be released to the public soon. We will see!


Disseminate high-quality scientific achievements; promote the innovation and development of relevant disciplines.


OAE is committed to publishing valuable scientific achievements, enriching the academic research and promoting the innovation of scientific research in relevant disciplines via scientific, standard, and professional publishing processes.


Professionalism, dedication, cooperation, sharing, innovation, excellence

Development Concept

In highlighting professionalism and rigor in scholarly publishing, we strictly follow the editorial regulations and ethics policies recommended by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), World Association of Medical Editors (WAME), etc. We also take misconduct of publication seriously and handle breaches of publishing ethics with a zero tolerance attitude.

Business Model

1. With substantial funds invested, OAE has built a professional editorial team, a powerful digital publishing platform and MESAs manuscripts processing system, and has launched high-quality peer-reviewed, open access journals in different disciplines.
2. OAE launched high-quality peer-reviewed, open access journals which fill up the blank in different disciplines. To support journal development, OAE setup different article processing charges for each journal based on different strategic development plans. Detailed information about article processing charges can be found on journal websites.
3. OAE provides publication services of journals and books for associations, universities, institutions, etc. Contact us for cooperation:
4. OAE provides technical services of building digital publishing platforms and manuscripts processing system for other publishing organizations. Contact us for cooperation:
5. OAE provides production services of formatting, typesetting, format design, XML editing, etc. for other publishing organizations. Contact us for cooperation:
6. OAE provides language polishing service for authors. Contact us if you need further information:


So far, we have published ten peer-reviewed open access journals in the biomedical domain (as listed below), which are supported by a strong team of more than 500 globally eminent scientists from well-known universities and research institutes, including Canadian Academicians of Royal Academy of Sciences, Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.