Publishing Ethics
Editor Duties
Editors are responsible for everything they publish and should process submitted manuscripts in a timely manner. As a part of peer review, Editors should ensure a fair and appropriate process and should not disclose any manuscript information including content, current status in the review processes, reviewers’ comments, and final acceptance/rejection decisions. Editors should adopt editorial policies and critically assess the ethical conduct of human and animal studies. Editors have a duty to act if they suspect misconduct. The decisions of Editors should be fair, unbiased, and independent from commercial consideration. Editors should have appropriate policies in place for handling editorial conflicts of interest. Detailed information is available in the International standards for Editors .
Reviewer Duties
Reviewers should only agree to review manuscripts within their own research fields and finish the review in a timely fashion. Reviewers should declare all potential conflicting interests before they accept the review. During the review process, Reviewers should be fair, objective, and constructive and should respect the confidentiality of the process. The Reviewer’s comments should be professional as they could contribute to editorial decisions. Reviewers must not use information in the manuscript they are reviewing to further their own interests before its publication. More detailed information is available in the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers .
Author Duties
Authors should ensure that the work they submitted is original and has not been published elsewhere. For manuscripts involving animal or human research, authors must ensure that their experiments have been conducted in an ethical and responsible manner in compliance with all relevant legislation. The study methods should be clearly and unambiguously explained, and the results must be accurately described. Fabrication, falsification, or inappropriate data manipulation is unacceptable. The authorship of the manuscript should accurately reflect individuals’ contributions to the work, and all conflicts of interest should be disclosed. For detailed information, please see the International standards for Authors.
Publisher Duties
OAE is committed to ensuring that advertising or other commercial revenue does not impact or influence editorial decisions. We also work hard to conform to ethical and publication standards to maintain professional and academic integrity.