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We encourage authors of the accepted original research articles to submit a video abstract of their findings for posting online on the journal’s website. The purpose of the video abstract is to engage the interest of the viewers in your article by succinctly summarizing your findings and their significance. The video abstract should be about 3 to 5 minutes long.

Editorial Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when creating your video abstract:

  • Introduce the topic of this research, and present the main question being addressed or the hypothesis tested. Present the main finding(s) and your conclusion(s) and briefly discuss the potential implications of your findings. Please do not include any data that has not been presented in your manuscript.

  • The video abstract must accurately present the content of your peer-reviewed accepted manuscript and must not contain data that are not presented in the accepted manuscript (otherwise, it will be disqualified).

  • The written and spoken language in all videos must be English.

  • The video presentation must begin with the exact title of the abstract and include the authors’ names.

  • Video abstracts are a great way to engage readers across disciplines, and the presentation should be understandable and accessible to the general scientists including those outside the immediate domain of the article.

  • The font size of the text should be large enough so that it is easily readable while the audience is listening to your verbal presentation.

  • Authors are encouraged to include images or other video clips in the video abstract, such as animations and laboratory recordings, etc. Please ensure that they accurately represent the data in the manuscript and that you have the right to use the images or video clips in the video abstract.

  • Please ensure that the content presented in the video (images, footage, music, audio, logos, etc.) has all necessary copyright assignments. Submissions funded by commercial companies must be identified in the disclaimer at the start of the presentation.

Authors can use computer cameras, smartphones, or other devices to create video abstracts. Make sure your camera is placed at eye level and adjust the camera at the proper angle. When recording video with a smartphone, place the phone in a horizontal position, not vertical.

Technical Specifications

All video abstracts will be assessed by the editorial team. The technical specifications are as follows:

  • Format: .mov, .mp4, .avi (.mp4 is preferred)

  • Maximum file size: 1 GB

  • Up to 5 minutes in duration

  • Aspect ratio: 4:3, deinterlaced (16:9 is also acceptable)

Please include a written transcript (editable file format) of your video material to ensure that your video is accessible to all.

Submission Guidelines

You can submit your video abstract to via WeTransfer or Google Drive as soon as your paper is accepted for publication. You can also submit it in the Video abstract section when submitting the proofread manuscript in Mesas system.

If you have any questions about the video abstract, please contact us.

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