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Volume 1, Issue 3 (September, 2022) –

Cover Picture: For decades, (poly)phenols have been linked to cardiometabolic health, but population heterogeneity limits their apparent efficacy and the development of tailored, practical protocols in dietary interventions. This heterogeneity is likely determined by the existence of different metabotypes, sub-populations of individuals metabolizing some classes of (poly)phenols differently. The gut microbiota plays a major role in this process. The impact of microbiota-related phenolic metabotypes on cardiometabolic health is becoming evident, although the picture is still incomplete, and data are absent for some classes of (poly)phenols. The lack of a complete understanding of the main microbial actors involved in the process complicates the picture. Elucidation of the mechanisms behind phenolic metabotypes requires novel experimental designs that can dissect the inter-individual variability. This paper, in addition to providing an overview on the current state-of-the-art, proposes wider metabotyping approaches as a means of paving the way towards effective personalized nutrition with dietary (poly)phenols.
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